File Path Traversal (RFI) in fckeditor plugin

FCKeditor is a lightweight text editor to be used in web pages and upload file too.

let’s start

1-using this dork inurl /editor/filemanager/connectors/test.html

2-you must know which programming languages ​​was the site programmed?

then choose programming languages from Connector:

and web server too

for example website in poc that i will attach it using ASP.Net

then click on Get Folders and Files

3-you can put partition name if website host in windows server >>>>>>(windows server)


c:/inetpub/wwwroot/target/web.config =

if you use this payload


folders and file you will see is website folders and files

so if you find c:/inetpub/wwwroot/target/admin/xxx/1.bak

go to htpps:// to download it

note web.config file may be not download :)

in other web server

you can use this payload


xxxx is programming languages which the site programmed


File path traversal vulnerability allows an attacker to retrieve files from the local server.


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