Account Takeover Via Password Reset

Before I start explaining how I found this bug.I will talk about Account Takeovers Methodologies

Account Takeovers Methodologies:-

  • No rate limit on login with weak password policy
  • Token leaks Via Referrer
  • Sensitive data exposure
  • Password reset poisoning
  • Auth Bypass
  • Steal cookies with Xss

Now let’s tell you about the steps for finding this bug


1-After creating two accounts (first as a hacker account ,second email as a victim account)

2-I go to reset password And you entered your email

3-I go to my email (hacker email ) then open link

4- I find page enter email ,password and repeat password

5-I filled in the blanks and intercept reuqest using burp site

6-I put victim email then forward

7-Igo to login page enter victim account and password you entered

wooow I log in to the victim's account


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